A.D. Q&A with A.D. Quig

A.D. Q&A with Congressman Adam Kinzinger

Episode Summary

Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois has been a national media fixture for more than a year – a Republican ushered into the U.S. House during the Tea Party wave, he turned into a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and “The Big Lie” about election fraud. He was one of ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump and one of only two to create a special committee to investigate the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. More recently, he was one of only 13 to vote for the infrastructure bill. Kinzinger has long been rumored to want to run for higher office. He threw jet fuel on those rumors when he announced in late October that he wouldn’t be running for the House again. Now the speculation centers around whether he’ll run for U.S. Senate, Illinois governor, or even President. A.D. Quig talks with Kinzinger about what’s next for “Country First,” his political action committee that’s raising money and making endorsements across the country, his thoughts on whether the Senate is as toxic as the House, and as you might’ve heard last week, how he thinks he would fare in the governor’s race. Kinzinger addresses all of that, plus whether fences have been mended with the family members that disowned him, whether corporate America is sticking to its political promises, and what the Virginia gubernatorial race tells us about the GOP’s embrace of Trump.