A.D. Q&A with A.D. Quig

A.D. Q&A with Dr. Emily Landon of UChicago Medicine

Episode Summary

On this week's episode of A.D. Q&A, Dr. Emily Landon, a professor and the medical director for infection prevention and control at UChicago Medicine, describes what we know – and don't yet know – about omicron. "On paper, it looks like a superpredator," Landon says of the variant, which appears more transmissible and less susceptible to vaccines. It will take days or weeks to know how it affects more vaccinated populations. "What we need to know is how fast this spreads and how well it does in, basically, a cage match against delta. Then how effective vaccines really are with it." Ideally, omicron may be very spreadable and include a sickness equivalent to the cold, giving plenty of people natural immunity. But right now, "we really don't know" if omicron will be a superpredator, a "nothingburger," or more likely, Landon says, something in between. Landon discusses what the new variant may mean for the return to the office many hoped for at the start of 2022. She also shares what grade she’d give Gov. Pritzker for his handling of the virus, areas where they’ve disagreed, and why she still thinks hosting Lollapalooza the way the city did was a bad idea.